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“How can we, future ancestors, align ourselves with most resilient practices of emergence as a species?”

— adrienne maree brown Emergent Strategy



I am on a mission to support others to reclaim, remember, decolonize, and experiment in bring into bring into being a world of radical possibility.

Deconstruct to Reconstruct




My astrology offerings ground you in it's holistic origins of having a living relationship with the sky. Astrology, especially when re-oriented back towards the living sky as practice, helps you to break down our westernized linear sense of time and returns you to an earlier ancestral cyclical and non-linear perception of space. 



RECLAIMING is a 12 week intensive that dives into holistic decolonization as an elemental process. This process uses an alchemical framework to facilitate the spark of personal and collective remembrance. From this space of remembrance we are able to take inspired and liberatory ACTION for our ourselves and community.



Tarot, of all my offerings, gives the most intuitive and practical insight into your life end everyday matters. If you have questions about work, love, purpose, ancestral advice, than this is the offering for you. You will also receive guidance on how your life converges with the social, ecological and collective dimensions based on intersectional awareness. 

Who am I? 


I am many things.

I contain multitudes. 

When I don't take myself so seriously, I am also a soon-to-be mama, lover, daughter, sister, astrobruja, facilitator, explorer, kia'i, agroforester, activist, and future ancestor. I am a cisgender hetero woman (the lines have always been a bit blurry in this regard) who grew up in the belly of the empire (USA, Chicago) on occupied Miami and Potawatomi land. My parents are immigrants and settlers from South Korea on my maternal side, and Boriken (Puerto Rico) on my paternal side. I identify with my native Taino ancestors and heritage of Boriken. I currently live on occupied Kanaka Maoli land, on Moku o Keawe (Big Island) of Hawai'i.


To learn more about me, the work, and the guiding principles visit the Work With Me page or Book a 30 minute introductory call.