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The Calling (Mission)


This is a call to remember how to remember

This is a call to decolonize epistemologies or the ways of transmitting knowledge so that it reflects the forms of knowing of our ancestors. 

This is a call to remember the ways of oral tradition, of storytelling, of song & chant, of observation of the natural world, of listening deeply within. 

This is a call to reframe the hierarchies of transmission from academic ivory towers and governmental institutions to look again to our elders. They carry much lived learning.

This is a call to activate cellular memory to access truth, wisdom, and a sense of connection with all things.

This is a call to reclaim ancestral wisdom to guide your actions to support future generations.

This is a call to know that you are your ancestors and that you are the future ancestor of those yet unborn.


RECLAIMING is a 16 week intensive that intimately dives into holistic decolonization as an elemental process. This process uses an alchemical framework to facilitate the spark of your personal and collective remembrance. From this space of remembrance we are able to take inspired and liberatory ACTION for our ourselves and community.


Open enrollment begins December 22


Enrollment closes February 2


RECLAIMING begins from the week of February 4


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Schedule an introductory chat at the yellow button on the right. If you would like to get to know me and my work a little better .  Introductory calls are thirty minutes and include a brief questionnaire to help me best prepare for your call. Come with any questions, thoughts, or feedback. I would love to hear from you!

About Me


I am many things. I contain multitudes.

When I don't take myself too seriously, I am also known as a soon-to-be mama, lover, daughter, sister, astrobruja, facilitator, explorer, kia'i, agroforester, activist, and future ancestor. I am a cisgender hetero woman (though the lines have always been a bit blurry in this regard) who grew up in the belly of the empire (USA, Chicago) on occupied Miami and Potawatomi land. My parents are immigrants and settlers from South Korea on my maternal side, and Boriken (Puerto Rico) on my paternal side. I learned much from their dynamics and navigations of race, language, and culture with each other and how capitalist society viewed them. I identify with my native Taino ancestors and heritage of Boriken. I currently live on occupied Kanaka Maoli land, on Moku o Keawe (Big Island) of Hawai'i.

I have been obsessed with understanding social systems and patterns since I was a young child starting with reading the biography of MLK Jr and the civil rights movement before I was 10 years old. This eventually grew into a desire to also understand ecological systems and multiples years of study and volunteerism in agroecology projects. My classroom has mainly been the world at large visiting, working, volunteering in over 30 countries. Most recently, my passion has evolved in understanding how the social, ecological, historical, spiritual, and cultural streams all flow together.

I want to use my understanding and experience to shape emergent change within oppressive systems so that they may be transformed into ones that are life-affirming, just, equitable, and sovereign


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You can also contact me with any written inquiries through the submission below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Justice & Equity Statement

Justice and Equity is an important component of the business model that I am endeavoring to practice and create. I don't claim that is perfect model as I don't believe that money within capitalism can ever be completely "ethical." When I say ethical I mean completely free from exploitation and violence as that is an inherent part of it's design. However, in order for emergent change to occur that will shift oppressive systems,

we need experimental ways of providing and sharing resources that bridge possible future paradigms

Capitalism and all its accompanying bedfellows of colonialism, racism, patriarchy,ableism, and more have both historically and contemporarily had devastating affects for "marginalized" peoples including the planet.  All of systems of oppression are social constructs that can be dismantled but not without looking to how it affects our lives, families, communities, society, the planet IN THE NOW. This means doing both personal development work, being accountable, and TAKING ACTION based on that increased awareness.  

That's why I have designed my business to include different types of pricing. I don't want to marginalize or be marginalized when interacting and this is one action to mitigate the seemingly ubiquitous mechanisms of capitalism. Everyone has some sort of combination of privileged and oppressed identities, but some privileges far out way other oppressions. This is where my Justice & Equity pricing comes in for those that hold historically & contemporarily marginalized identities.  This pricing is a form of radical wealth-redistribution. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) & Queer communities need to have access to resources that systemically have been denied or stolen from them and this is one small action to contribute towards that redistribution.

I am also building out and experimenting with the Decolonizer's Reparations Fund as another means for radical wealth redistribution for low income BIPOC/Queer. These funds will be used to subsidize these folks that wish to participate in my services but do not have the means to afford to do so while also sustaining a right livelihood for myself. If you are interested in donating please Contact Me.

I would also be thrilled to explore and hear more about alternative ways of navigating late capitalism that attempts to bridge to the values espoused above. Please Book a Call or email me at the Contact Me submission form.