I received my foundation in astrology four years ago within the school of Shamanic astrology where I was first introduced to the concepts of reconnecting astronomy with astrology. Shamanic astrology as a paradigm also pulls heavily from Humanistic astrology of Dane Rudhyar whose focus included the Jungian archetypes and inner personal transformation. 

Part of my work of decolonizing astrology is to continue to return it to its holistic origins of having a living relationship with the sky.

Shamanic and humanistic astrology are evolutionary lines that stem from western Tropical astrology and differs from other astrologies around the world such as Vedic or Chinese astrology that use the constellations as a basis for charting. Western tropical astrology is rooted in the seasons hence the 12 signs evenly divided throughout the solar year  beginning with the zodiacal sign of Aries. This timing coincides with the equinox when the sun rises due west or at the 0 degree point of Aries. 

Like my connection with tarot, practicing western astrology heals my relationship to my Arabic & Iberian ancestry, reclaiming a piece that was a healing tradition in those lineages instead of the destructive forces of imperialism that had brought so much pain upon my native ancestors. It is that anchor point along with my own intersectional social justice groundwork that I am reclaiming the signs' archetypes from patriarchy and colonial influence including gender binaries, conquest, and hierarchy that litter contemporary astrological interpretations.

Part of my work of decolonizing astrology is to continue to return it to its holistic origins of having a living relationship with the sky. Astrology, especially when re-oriented back towards the living sky as practice, helps to break down our westernized linear sense of time and returns us to an earlier ancestral cyclical and non-linear space within the world.



-  60-120 minute live Zoom session with me

-  Video recording of the reading delivered to your inbox

- PDF with your charts and a brief description of the themes and interpretations along with exercises for engaging with the living sky


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I offer two kinds of pricing.  

One is an "abundance" price for those that have enough to share and occupy a space of privilege.

The other is a "justice & equity" price that is offered for those that hold marginalized and intersectional identities. This includes BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and Queer folx. For more about the why of this pricing and radical wealth redistribution please visit my Justice & Equity Statement


The Calling

This is not your traditional natal chart. This is about your calling and to remember your path. I will focus on your main archetype of study for this life, your ancestral connections, and the main planetary characters, aspects, and asteroids that support you on your life journey. You can think of the natal chart as a canoe that you can steer with the help and direction of the stars above and the winds and elements below. 60 Minute Natal Chart Session. Includes Exercises, Chart, Video Recording, and a Live Zoom Session.





The Current Currents

This is both a snapshot of current transits that are occurring right now that are affecting you as well as guide for the major planetary aspects for the following year.  There is an emphasis on the dynamic between personal development and collective awareness. I will share guidance on how to best be in conscious alignment and service with evolving energetic flows and trends. This is a 90 minute Transit reading. Includes Exercises, Chart, Video Recording, and a Live Zoom Session.


Cycles of Emergence

This reading is for a more advanced lover and student of astrology.   This reading including dates, interpretations, and ways of consciously co-creating with the Mercury, Mars, and Venus synodic cycles.  These synodic cycles are the bigger picture energies that happen in cyclical rounds over the span of years.   This reading includes more comprehensive PDF charts, dates, and interpretations. This reading also includes information about any key updates in your progressed natal chart. This is a 120 Minute Natal Chart Session. Includes Exercises, Chart, Video Recording, and a Live Zoom Session.




LUNAR Tracking 

This is a two part reading and month long course that uses the moon and lunar cycle to develop a living relationship with the sky.  Included are two 60 minute Zoom calls at the New Moon and at the end of the lunar month.  The first call includes a short reading about your lunar phase and its interpretations and ways/tools for tracking the moon in the night sky.  Included will be a journal pdf to assist you with tracking the patterns of movement and how it corresponds to the astrochart. You will also have e-mail access to me during the lunar month to share your thoughts or ask questions during the lunar cycle. The second call will be at the end of the lunar cycle to discuss observations and insights. We will see how time, space, and perception has changed for you in that time and to answer any technical questions about reading lunar aspects on the chart

$99 (normally $175)

$79 (normally $125)




Stella opens a door for you to seek adventure, inquiry, and radical self love within your astrology. I deeply appreciate her depth of knowledge and level of presence during a session. As she guides you through your astral landscape, you feel the awakening of your path and the inspiration to fully embrace your truth. 

Thank you so much Stella!! - Esme Kundanis-Grow